Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spring Cookies

With the weather being the way it's been (sunny and warm! ) the past few days it's hard to remember that winter isn't technically over, but I've decided to be done with it and move into spring ( a few days early).  Every year around this time all I want to do it clean out my apartment and decorate everything I can in bright bright colors.  Out with all the dreary winterness I say.  In that spirit I invited Jessica over today to make these super pretty, delicious tasting spring cookies.  Neither of us had ever worked with Royal Icing before so it was a fun adventure that ended up going very well.  There are a few things we'd do differently if we made them again, one being we would flood the cookies with icing and then put the details on ( we did it the other way around).  We'd also like to figure out how to make the icing nice and shiny.  Overall though for the first time doing this I'm really pleased with the results.



We used the Royal Icing recipe from Annie Eats
And the cookie recipe also came from Annie Eats  ( I added lemon extract instead of almond to give them a nice fresh lemony taste)

Hope everyone else can enjoy some pretty sunshine too! :)


Gastronomic said...

I already gobbled all the ones you guys sent over yesterday! When do I get a second batch?

AdvertisingLHath said...

Super Yummy looking. Nice photos! Natural lighting is the best for food pics, I've heard.