Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Cake

Happy Belated Easter everyone! :)

Well I finished up course one of cake decorating.  I missed a class due to a gross stomach bug, and the instructor canceled a class so I was somewhat rushing on the last day trying to learn how to make the roses.  For only practicing for 30 minutes though I'm pretty happy with how they came out.  Unfortunately I made the cake on a Wednesday and it didn't make it til Easter Sunday (I think Steve enjoyed most of it).  I'm going to be making a birthday cake for Steve soon so I'll post that and hopefully we'll see some improvements.


Sarah said...

Did you take a cake class? I have a cake I mave which is very similar!!!

Sarah said...

I meant where did you take a class!!!!!!!!!!!! omg I missed a class due to a stomach bug too!!!!

Caly said...

ooo your cake is so pretty. I took the Wilton cake class at Michaels.

Gastronomic said...

Hey, your photos now have a nifty proprietary watermark!

Nice cake.